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We are Elsewhere | Our Process

Our products are sustainably and ethically made in Canada. We also use a family-run embroidery company for our designs. The benefits are numerous! We can ensure that the entire creation process of our clothing is responsible and ethical. It also allows us to work closely with others who believe in supporting local economies and helping them grow organically.


We are proud to support Canadian businesses and families, right here in our own country. We have the absolute best staff. Like, ever. They are kind and caring, funny and hard-working. We are proud to say that every product listed on Elsewhere is classified as “Made in Canada.” We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality of clothing, while at the same time supporting Canadian businesses. Another strong benefit of our approach is sustainability! The clothing is all made, embroidered, and shipped from the same city. This significantly reduces the emissions associated with all of Elsewhere's clothing. We want to explore the beauty this world has to offer and base our clothing on that. In order to do so, we need to help preserve the world. Join us in exploring elsewhere.

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