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Our Caring Design | We are Elsewhere

Our designs go through 50+ iterations in order to create the best possible product for our customers. Our team of designers work tirelessly to make sure that each and every detail is perfect before moving on to the next stage. 

We begin with a simple sketch, but as we work on it we start to see the potential for something more. We add some detail and begin to see the image taking shape. With each stroke of the pencil, the image becomes clearer and more defined.

As well, we put our materials through rigorous testing to ensure their quality. This allows us to provide our customers with products that meet their high standards. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we will always be working to improve our products and processes.


We also found a great gifting blog called The Gift Bloggers! You can also find our products on Shomigo.

Now that the product is ready, it's time to get feedback from those who will be wearing it. We need to know what they think of the design, the comfort, and how it looks on them. Only then can we make any necessary changes before putting it on the market. 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do so we can continue to create these high-quality, beautiful pieces. Join us in exploring elsewhere. 

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