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We Are Elsewhere | Power of Reviews

Reviews are an important part of every person's decision-making process. We do our best to encourage all our customers to write reviews and include their sizes. We love it when our customers leave reviews of any kind! Not only does it help fellow customers in their decision-making process, but it also helps us in our design and operations. We are always open to any feedback to improve our products and your online shopping experience on Elsewhere.

It is of the utmost importance to us that our products are perfectly represented in color and quality, so your reviews are just super important. We want to thank you for taking the time to write these reviews and we hope to hear more from you soon! Something interesting to check out is Shomigo!


Some of the most positive feedback we've gotten about our products is the comfort of each of the clothing. Multiple people have said how it is the most comfortable clothing they own, how many compliments they get about their Elsewhere clothing, and the cool designs. Comfort is very important to us. Our founders love comfortable clothing so we made sure to find the most comfortable hoodies, crewneck, shorts, and pants around! As well, they had to have been ethically and sustainably made!

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